A Sorta Fairytale

Welcome.  I am born now.  Reborn, actually.  Back to a real, actual “blog.”  I haven’t done this in years, though I’d think it fair to say I used to do it quite well, back in the day.  Xanga days.  Old skool, when social networking meant writing something pithy or cleverly laborious, and checking 50 thousand times a day to ensure all your blogroll friends commented or gave you “props.”

But, this go-round (I’ve tried this before in recent years, to little success) I have someone in particular to thank for the inspiration to dust this blogging thing off again: theagnosticswife.  Her inspiration was further driven home by another recent blog discovery: The Gaytheist Agenda.  Trend(s) here? Man, I’m talking old skool like:

Now, before anyone out there gets their knickers in a twist that it wasn’t their blog that inspired me so, it’s not even that kind of party, kids.  There are lots of blogs out there that I read and enjoy, by people I admire and respect.  Chalk it up to whatever, but the time has finally come for me to try this out again.  I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.  I have no idea where it will go, but let’s take it together.

Two lines from a song I’m listening to just struck me as I typed the previous paragraph:

“Pluck up the courage and snap, it’s gone again…” and  “Can’t someone help me, I think that I’m lost here.  Lost in a place called…America.”

Now enjoying:

Tori Amos – A Sorta Fairytale, from Scarlet’s Walk.

2 thoughts on “A Sorta Fairytale

  1. Welcome, welcome! Blogging has been such an outlet for me in the deconversion process and beyond. I’ve met some awesome on line people who are not offended by my new beliefs and are always supportive or helpful when I need it. I hope that your blog becomes that kind of place for you. Who would have thought we would have come from acquaintances in another lifetime to having a few similarities, beyond the school we shared. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

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