Energy + Motion

This morning (thus far) has been one of those weird, ethereal mornings that really invigorate me.

I say weird for several reasons – it’s 4 days until Christmas and today’s high is projected to be 78°. Granted, this is Dallas, but still… Also, last night was the ultra-rare and much-hyped Winter Solstice lunar eclipse, which I missed. This morning’s drive was marked by a gorgeous sunrise behind me, and a full and very bright moon before me.  See below – sorry in advance for the cell-phone photo – didn’t do it justice, I assure you.

The air was warm and cool at once.  I was listening to KXT 91.7, our local NPR-affiliated indie station.  “Sun Hands” by Local Natives came on, and the combination of the morning ambiance and the tribal pulse of the song was intoxicating.  I had visions, wishing I could somehow just pick up from life and leave for the desert for a week or so, with just my camera, my journal, and maybe (maybe) a laptop.  And just be alone, in the desert, with my lens and the quiet.  What a glorious prospect.  I love my home life, the spouse & pup and all, but my heartbeat lies out amongst the dust.

Arrived at work feeling excellent, and ready for whatever.  I started pondering a new book project (one of several I have going on right now – more to come on all that).


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