Christmas for Non-Theists

Well, another Christmas has come & gone.  I hope it was a great one for everybody!  This year’s wasn’t too different from most – the usual decorations, squeezing in Christmas movies and activities, exchanging gifts, eatingeatingEATING, etc.  But, I guess you could say this was my first as an Official Unbeliever™.

Not that I’ve ever really celebrated the holiday as the birth of Jesus, Lord & Savior™ or anything.  Sure, (H)e was thrown in there a time or two each year growing up, but it’s always been about Santa, presents, food, warmth, etc.  And as an adult, to me, Christmas/Xmas/Happy Holiday-time is this:

A time to draw near to those I love, remind them just how much I care for them and why, cook special holiday treats and meals, decorate, fill the air with sights, sounds, and smells of the season, and exchange gifts with my significant other.  Honestly, on the gift front, for us it’s really a big excuse to splurge on ourselves in ways we probably wouldn’t at any other time of year.

I had an interesting exchange online with an acquaintance yesterday.  This individual posted how they hate when people say “Xmas” instead of Christmas, and how it “X’s God out of the real reason for the Holiday,” etc.  And, just to sweeten the pot, this person added something like, “If you don’t believe in God, then I feel sorry for you, you must have a miserable life.”

I like to think I’m a tolerant man, to a point…meaning I generally brush off the nonsensical ramblings of others.  But, it really irks me when people just fall blindly in line.  I will not put this person on blast about their business – not that I know all that much of it firsthand – but suffice it to say: don’t be a hypocrite.  People will do the shadiest mess, but “don’t take Jeezus out of CHRISTmas!!!”  I just had to respond.  And so I did…there was a brief exchange, which petered out right about the time I pointed out that Christmas isn’t even really a Christian holiday (see this link for more on this).

I believe that a large number of people celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, and it’s even a divisive issue among Atheists as to whether or not it’s “acceptable” to celebrate the holiday because of its ties to religion.

I celebrate my way, belief or no belief.  And I think everyone else should too.  Hell, I think Easter is way more a traditionally Christian holiday, but for me it’s always been about the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs, and putting plastic green “grass” in Technicolor baskets.  I don’t observe that day with any greater significance than I observe Presidents Day.  The aforementioned individual even opined that “people who don’t believe in God shouldn’t celebrate Christmas” as it’s “not a secular holiday!”  Um…thanks for setting the rules, Christmas Commander.

I think I’d rather do the thinking on my own.  It just reminded me of how “Christians” spout off that anyone without a belief in their god is uneducated, delusional, and immoral, when in reality most people who turn away from religion do so only after many years of sincere searching and seeking, and only after one (or many) religious/spiritual paths fail to answer their questions and to provide a sense of completeness.

Get ready, kids, here comes the moral of the story:


I will leave you with this:

and this:



4 thoughts on “Christmas for Non-Theists

  1. Ah yes, the miserable atheist approach. I’ve seen it many times, Christians feel sorry for us because we must be terribly, immoral and unhappy. I don’t know about you but my morals didn’t change much after I deconverted. If anything they got better. I no longer judge and condemn people that the bible says I should. I’m much happier now. With that said I once was the Christian feeling sorry for the “lowly atheist”. I am sometimes still astonished the my view could have changed so drastically in one short year, but they did and I am glad, despite the confusion and hurt it caused in the beginning.

  2. Interesting. And although I have watched the videos before they were worth it again. I featured a blogger’s post on Christmas that consists of an unrelated sentiment.

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