30 Days – Day 4 – Something I Forgive Someone For

If you’re following this blog, you know I’m participating in the ‘30 Days of Truth‘ project I’ve seen on other blogs.  It’s helping me commit to posting every single day, since I’m also taking part in The Daily Post project.

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.


I Forgive You by SeppunZetsumi

I forgive you for your shortcomings; I certainly have mine.  I forgive you for being judgmental – you own up to it, at least.  I forgive you for being too high somewhere to be there for me when my mom died.  You were my best friend…but I knew right then and there, that was the beginning of the end.  Nothing could ever be the same after that.  I forgive you for not realizing you completely fucked up our friendship – and even though we continued being friends for a few years –  for never being able to do anything that would take that away or fix it.  I forgive you for your addiction, and for the damage it caused.  I eventually forgave myself for feeling guilty about finally walking away from our friendship – I’m sure we’re both better people apart.  Now I forgive you.  Good luck in life, I hope you find the happiness that our volatile relationship never produced.

If you’re interested in taking the ’30 Days of Truth’ challenge, here’s one of many blogs out there listing the topic ideas.

Please subscribe to my blog – you’ll get an email update each time I post.  Thanks for reading.  And thanks again to theagnosticswife for inspiring me to start blogging again.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed it, and how cathartic it is to just write.


6 thoughts on “30 Days – Day 4 – Something I Forgive Someone For

  1. You’re welcome! And you deleted me once on facebook remember? 🙂 I’ve been blogging for years and have several different sites, but The Agnostics Wife is pretty much the only one I maintain and actually enjoy doing. Thank you for introducing me to the 30 Days of Truth. It’s nice to let things go, as the words pour onto the page!

  2. I did?!? Whoops, I’m sorry! 😦 I think I pretty much went through & deleted all HS people, b/c I was like ‘What do I even have in common w/ these people anymore anyway?’ Who knew, right? 😉

    • You did but no hard feeling:) I’ve considered deleting half of my friends before for the same reason.when you did I just messaged you and asked you to add me again. You always had interesting things to say and post. I’m glad I did you still have interesting things to say.:)

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