Defining Necessity – A Daily Challenge

Something a little different today.  I discovered this on A Daily Challenge.

Challenge #7, January 7, 2011: Throw something away. Give a few of your extra jackets to someone that might be cold, toss out one of the eight ladles that clutter your kitchen, throw away a pair of shoes that you never wear anymore. It is kind of a nice feeling to know that if I want, I can let go of anything I own. I think it is important to not be attached to things, and maybe by forcing ourselves to get rid of something, we will be able to detach, even if it is just a little bit.


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Let Go by Sangjun

This is actually a challenge that I do sort of regularly, and have for a while.  I used to hold onto things with a passion.  Like many things in my life, I guess this probably changed after my parents died.  I just didn’t care much anymore.  I mean, of course there are things (sentimental and otherwise) that I wouldn’t want to willingly let go of, but I guess if you can’t part with something, then it owns you instead of you owning it.

I used to gather up old clothes that I never wear – incidentally, I have a rule…if I haven’t worn something in a year (enough time for all the seasons to pass), I obviously don’t need it – and I’d bag them up and put them out in the alley behind my apartment.  I’d always see homeless men wandering through the alley, and I’d set them out, figuring maybe they could use them.  A couple of times, I actually did see some of my old clothes wandering around the neighborhood with new owners.

Also, I detest clutter and unnecessary accumulation.  I’m not perfect, despite what you may have heard, but I hate random crap that just accumulates and sits somewhere.  We probably all that bag or drawer of junk that seems to follow us from place to place – we’ll get to it, one day

So, even though I do this every now & again already, I’m going to endeavor this weekend to taking the challenge to heart.  I’ll be cleaning our loft, so it’ll be a perfect time to chunk some old baggage, so to speak.

As my wife always says, we should look at everything of value (barring, perhaps, sentimental items/family heirlooms, etc.) as investments.  There may come a time when you need to let them go, so only keep a transient attachment to material goods.  They make our lives easier and/or more comfortable, but shouldn’t define our lives.  Nothing in life is permanent, or guaranteed.

What are you afraid/ready to get rid of?

Cool pic at the top, eh?  Click to visit the deviantART page of the photographer, Sangjun.

More food for thought…


4 thoughts on “Defining Necessity – A Daily Challenge

  1. I’ve been doing this already. Just last week I took a load to the Goodwill. I’m not done yet but getting close. I sometimes have a hard time letting some things go and put it in the bag and then get it out again. haha

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