Be Kind - via

Darkness hugs me, like an old friend from out of town
I sink into the warm dark bathing embrace, breathe out & relax
It is comfortable, and familiar, and in my way I am safe with it

We may sit for coffee together, but thankfully it remains so quiet
What is there to say when you’re isolating…with the dark as a companion?
I employ the shades and withdraw, going inward, piling down

I am drunk again, on heartbreak, on loss of sanity
Safe within the confines of my head, the world goes grey with a click
The color draining from everyone’s faces and arms

Grass bursts through soil; the trees still cry and reach for their god in vain
Black against the sky, like an ink stain on a man’s shirt pocket
The world creaks its old fat circumference, not losing any sleep to my woes

© 2010 – from the forthcoming collection ‘Anatomy’

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