Trailer Park Chic, Anyone?

Anyone who said living in a trailer park (aka “mobile home community”) is a bad thing obviously isn’t doing it right.  I for one think this kind of trailer park living needs to make a comeback.  I’ll be the first one saying “Move over, bitch…I got a vintage beat up Airstream on the way!”

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This is one example of how I don’t fit into “normal” society (thank goodness) – I am totally, completely not kidding when I say I would be all over this shiz like white on rice.  And MY trailer (“modular abode”) would be decked out with cheetah carpet; some of these; art everywhere; a jukebox full of nothing but Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, & Eagles; and a swinging party patio complete with plenty of chairs, beer, and Astroturf.  Now all I need is a teal 57 Chevy Bel Air full of pink flamingos and I’m all set.


8 thoughts on “Trailer Park Chic, Anyone?

    • 🙂 Ha! Glad you enjoyed this post. She would be mortified at the mere suggestion. LOL. We are so different. Were I a single man, I could totally pull up stakes and live a “weird” life. A buddy of mine and I a few years back (shortly before meeting wifey) seriously talked about buying an old van and just travelling around the desert, writing, living, taking photographs, making jewelry, etc. Wherever the wind took us. Reminds me of a postcard I saw once on PostSecret:

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