Unrest In Egypt – What’s Your Take?

I found this interesting photo on a friend’s Facebook feed today.  Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with major news as much in the past few weeks, so I’m still catching up on the details of the situation in Egypt, as they unfold.  What’s your take on everything?  The message in the photo is overtly provocative, which is why it’s an interesting photo that’s probably going viral as we speak, and will be tomorrow’s internet meme phenomenon.   What does it make you think or feel?

If you too are needing to catch up, go here.


One thought on “Unrest In Egypt – What’s Your Take?

  1. Difficult to swallow, but the US government is considering giving itself authority to do just as the Egyptians did. It’s not just the power to do so, but it is that people are thinking it is a good idea – That part really scares me. Why would they need to shut it down?

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