Super Bowl Mania Invades Dallas

…oh, and Arlington, too.

Today was insane, long, busy, and I’m beat.  Time for bed.  Sorry, this is lame, BUT at least I’m not letting it get in the way of my posting every day in 2011.  I’ll make up for it this week.  Plus, I posted twice yesterday.  Didn’t I?  What day is it?

Stupidest quote o’ the day has to go to Host Committee President Bill Lively, on the volatile mid-winter weather in North Texas (75 this past Saturday, ice tomorrow):

“We are working throughout the region with all of the clergy, priests, ministers and others of faith to put in their weather prayers,” Lively said. “We can probably deal with the rain, but we just don’t want the ice.”

Hey, Bill…while you’re at it, could you guys turn in my Mega Millions prayer we talked about…I’m sure Gawd will reward me. I’m passin’ the collection plate!


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