An ice storm moved into North Texas overnight, causing havoc and shutting the city’s transportation infrastructure down for most of Tuesday.  Hundreds of flights at DFW and Love Field were closed, as was Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) rail service throughout the Dallas area.  DART buses were running, but many were getting stuck or sliding around the ice.  The trains finally began running in mid-afternoon, but only operated on a 30 minute schedule for the duration of the day.

A record low overnight is anticipated, with the mercury plummeting to around 7 degrees Fahrenheit.   Wednesday looks clear, but highs only reach the 20s.  In fact, we won’t get above freezing until Friday.

Wifey drove me the 7 blocks to the train station, and we waited as the sleet pelted us.  The train never came.  I knew I was going to miss all my connections, and have to stand out in the weather at one point for at least 30 minutes for a bus, so I came home.  Luckily, I was able to work from home today.  I think I may do the same tomorrow.  I managed to be productive, and stayed safe & warm in the loft.

February is always our nasty, wintery month.  It doesn’t get cold here until January, and Feb. always seems to bring the horrible winter weather.  Luckily, this being the Sunbelt and all, these two months are all that constitute winter in North Texas.  By March we’ll be in spring, and we’ll stay gorgeous until June when the temperatures and humidity begin to rise.  Then, it’s summer from June through Halloween.  Truly, it is not at all uncommon for temperatures to hit around 90 all the way through October.  Then November and December give us our share of fall.

I love winter and all, but this is a bit too much winter for me.  This is why I never relocated to Chicago, etc.  I need my Southwestern sun back

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