New Music Sunday! 2/6/11

Always familiarize yourself with new music.

Beach House – Walk In the Park

This is one of the most awesomely weird videos I’ve ever seen.  The YouTube comments sum it up:

satanhead69 (4 weeks ago)

There is a lesson to be learned here. If a dude pulls a sandwich out of a hole in his chest and offers it to you, do not eat it.

Twotontongue (3 weeks ago)

Wow this video is absolutely awful and yet wonderful, disgusting and yet totally mind boggling hilarious and beautiful! A fucked up masterpiece.

damienwolves (1 day ago)

This video makes no sense.

pichanund (2 days ago)

i fucking love this video

Iron & Wine – Tree By the River

Destroyer – Kaputt

SoloBob – The Victim

This song isn’t really “new” and I’ve been talking about/sharing/loving it for years, but it’s still amazing. It’s by Robert Schwartzman, aka SOLOBOB, who was/is the lead singer of Rooney, and who also happens to be the brother of the amazing actor/singer Jason Schwartzman, aka Coconut Records.

Fiorious – Elevator

M83 – Kim and Jessie

Hannah Georgas – The Beat Stuff

Elemint – Poetry of Life

As of this writing, you can download Elemint’s entire debut album, Born Fresh, for FREE at Amazon.


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