Things Could Always Be Worse

In the midst of my somewhat stressful workdays, and everything else that comes along with grown-up life, I would like to simply take a moment to remind myself (and maybe others) that the things we put importance on may, in fact, not be actual “problems,” and that all said and done, we probably have it pretty damned good.

I apologize if some of these images offend; they are meant to provoke thought, to shake out of the mundane trappings of stupid, superficial “life.”  Remember why today was good for you, if it was.

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2 thoughts on “Things Could Always Be Worse

    • Yep. I was sitting thinking about how stressed I am at work lately (due to being insanely busy, not hating my job or anything, so it’s fine), being tight on funds, etc. And I came across an image randomly online that just made me think, “Wow. Stop complaining.” Not that our problems aren’t “problems,” but yeah…they’re pretty small problems sometimes, compared to what some people deal with on a daily basis. Not intended to depress! 🙂 Just to give pause, I guess.

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