Thrift Stores = Love

One of my favorite things to do is peruse my local thrifting haunts, looking for the treasures overlooked, under-appreciated, and (hopefully) woefully under-priced.  The crazier looking, often the better.  The ones where you just know the person checking customers out hasn’t a clue that the only slightly ragged copy of Tusk or Judy Live at Carnegie Hall is worth way more than a buck.

Yesterday I snagged an autographed copy of former East Texan Robert Leleux’s The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy, as well as a hardback copy of Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckenridge and Myron.

I also stumbled upon a VHS (yes, I still buy them, at thrift stores) copy of Mr. Mom, the 1980s Terri Garr/Michael Keaton classic.  For a quarter.  A quarter…  The quality wasn’t too hot, but it was .25 cents.  I had bought a practically unused VHS copy of Outrageous Fortune a few weeks ago, so it’s a toss up, but either way, a win.

Today I stopped in to Second Hand Thrift in Oak Cliff – my first visit.  A pretty snazzy selection of records, which I was very pleased to learn were all priced at fifty cents to a dollar.  I got a technically unopened copy (the wrapper was partially torn, but not over the opening to get the record) copy of Christine McVie’s eponymous debut solo album.  For fifty-four cents.  Seriously.

They had a pretty good selection of cassettes as well, but I didn’t find anything that interested me.  I still feel like I should have picked up that hardback copy of Finding My Voice by Diane Rehm.  Maybe next time, if it’s still there…

Once, I also got a double LP copy of Fleetwood Mac Live at a flea market for a buck or so.  Ridiculous.  Oh, and (in Dallas at least) spring has pretty much arrived – we were in the 70s all this week – so I cannot wait for yard sales to begin!

Any favorite treasures you’ve found this way?


4 thoughts on “Thrift Stores = Love

    • You should! It is one of my favorite Saturday/Sunday morning (or afternoon haha) activities. I nearly always find something great, and usually can go to a couple and only spend maybe a couple of bucks for several things. Can’t beat that.

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