Letter to SPIN Magazine, Jan 1994

Wow.  I just randomly found this “on the internet.”  I had completely forgotten about it.  Well, I guess it’s not the sort of thing one (hopefully) clings to on a daily basis.  I wrote a short letter to SPIN Magazine (remember them?) concerning a piece on Nirvana from a previous issue.  Let’s see, I guess I’d have been 15 at the time.  I remember someone from SPIN calling me (!!!) to confirm my information, and informing me my letter had been selected for print in an upcoming issue. 

Now, to a 15 year-old country boy whose only outlets to the larger world were things like SPIN, Rolling Stone, comic books, the local record store, etc. (remember, nobody had internet back then), this was a real thrill – sort of like that time some envelope art I did was selected as an “honorable mention” or something (3rd place, in a Wizard Magazine (RIP) contest to redesign Madman‘s costume, and was printed among the other selections.  All I know is I won a signed Madman #1 for my efforts.  *sigh* I wish I still had my comic book collection.

Anyway, here’s a screen shot, with my little letter highlighted.  And, it was first, I might add.  <smug face>

(click to embiggen)


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