Artful Bohemian Mindfuck Flip Tornado

That pretty much sums up the past few weeks. So…I now have a boyfriend, who lives with me. Love at first sight, which I didn’t believe in once upon a time. He’s a gypsy, he’s a singer and musician, a painter, a writer, and he’s a synesthete, like me.  Only we have different types of synesthesia. 

His little sister (who’s also a synesthetic artist) is visiting for the weekend from Fort Worth.  She’s 15, and amazing. I kind of wish the two of us could finish raising her.  She plays the ukelele and has a beautiful singing voice. She’s a feminist, a writer, and an artist. She’s in love with Paul McCartney, and the Beatles. 

It’s 66 degrees out right now – on January 26th. THIS is the beautiful part about living in the Sunbelt, and on the edges of the Southwest, in North Texas. Despite the patio-grill like heat we get about half the year, the “winter” here is mild and mostly uneventful. It’s supposed to be like, 48 tomorrow. #freakout

The windows are open. I bought a lot of groceries earlier. They’re put away now, and I can hear Lionhearted Girl (LG), as I’ll refer to my bf’s sister, in the kitchen making food for us. Dr. Halloween (DH), as I’ll refer to my boyfriend, is at work, making that paper that will help us make our dreams a reality. 

I’m in my room, writing and listening to the sounds of the breeze floating through the windows, disturbing my curtains and Erin Go Bragh flag from their dormancy. I feel like a nap…

Quintessential Sunday afternoon…

This is bliss. At least for now…

I also find myself thinking about the Identity Disturbance that I struggle with. I don’t know if it’s a manifestation of my Anxiety Disorder, or something separate, but it’s a bitch. But I’m dealing. Most of the time, it’s all fine. Once in a while, it’s not.

All in all, excellent day. More to come…



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