Grace Slick Interviews – On the ’60s, and Her Art

Plum sits down with Grace Slick; singer, songwriter and one of the most influential women artists of the 1960s, to talk about her past and recent paintings.

I wish she’d been able to dose Nixon.  Now that would have been something.  Generally speaking, I’m against drugging people without their knowledge.  Anyway, cool interview.  Watching old Grace Slick (solo) videos and reading about how Jefferson Airplane evolved into Jefferson Starship and eventually Starship.  I started downloading Steely Dan songs and watching vids, and somehow wound up here…


Piece For Wind I

(inspired by my current read, ‘Grapefruit‘ by Yoko Ono)

Take a bag of woven cloth, or plastic
Whisper your secrets into the bag
Go outside, wherever there is wind
Open the bag and let the secrets fly to the wind
Forget them all

2011 winter

Yoko Ono – Blood Piece

Blood Orange by Amy Breen

Blood Piece

Use your blood to paint.
Keep painting until you faint. (a)
Keep painting until you die. (b)

1960 spring

(from Yoko Ono’s landmark work, Grapefruit.)