Son of Snowpocalypse: Dispatches From the Texas Tundra

So, freakish North Texas February weather made its dramatic Oscar-contending return this morning, with 50-degree daytime highs once again giving way to first rain, then sleet, then snow.

Unlike last week’s “Storm of the Century” smack in the middle of the Metroplex’s first shot at hosting a Super Bowl, this one came and went.

For some reason I decided it would be a great idea to go into the office today.  I didn’t want to be “that guy” that just worked from home, although I have this ability and took advantage of it last week.

DART (our regional transit system) was reporting “running on schedule” and the agency had kept the trains running all night to try and keep ice off the lines.  So I figured what the hell, and headed out into the light, cold rain.  I caught my first train in my neighborhood and 3 stops later, was at the West End Station downtown.

Caught the northbound Green Line, as usual.  After a few stops, however, trouble set in.  The lights and HVAC system started to flicker on and off for a few seconds at a time, leaving only the train’s interior emergency lighting on.  This was about 5:40am.  It also quickly became apparent that the train was unable to move on the track.  It began to jolt, but not move, then it would inch forward, then jolt.  Rinse and repeat for about half an hour.  At last, we began to move.  I contemplated getting off and heading back downtown to the safety of my nice warm loft.  But, we were caught between stations, so there was no getting off.  Plus, it was 16 degrees, and I really didn’t feel like standing at a train station in it, waiting some unknown length of time for a train that may or may not be able to get me anywhere.

Finally I reached my station, caught my connecting bus, and was off.  The buses (I take two) were smooth sailing.  The drivers were cautious, polite, and sent each passenger off with a “be careful” or “watch your step,” etc.

So, long story slightly less long – THREE HOURS later, I arrived at the office to find I was the ONLY person in my department to come in.  Worst. decision. ever.  lol.  My normal 1.5 hour commute was doubled.  But, whatever, I made it safely in.  A couple of hours later the sun was out – though the temperature was (and still is) well below zero.  But at least the streets melted enough to make a normal commute home possible.  I hear we may be in store for more next week.  Ugh, over it.  This weather is decidedly un-Dallas, and I cannot abide it!   haha.  What can you do?  Just roll with it, I guess.  Glad I had a well-worn copy of Tony Hillerman‘s Sacred Clowns to keep me company.  I always carry a couple of books and an Observer.

Tomorrow promises to start with record-low temperatures, but should climb up a bit in the afternoon…to around freezing.

Sweet Georgia Brown, I’m ready for some spring up in heah!  Spring in Dallas is truly the most amazing time – but then, I’m sure it is everywhere.  Problem is spring here is the end of March – May, and then it’s summer from June – Halloween.  And if you’ve never been to Big D, lemme tell ya – summer means BUSINESS around these sun-baked parts.

Every summer I swear I’m moving elsewhere, as I curse the heat with every fiber of my being.  I detest sweating, unless I’m exercising or something, where I equate more sweat with more results. lol


Stevie Nicks‘ new single, “Secret Love” is now available on iTunes, and her new solo album, In Your Dreams (her first since 2001’s Trouble In Shangri-La) comes out May 23rd.  I could only be happier about this is she hand-delivered it to my door and then hung out with me the rest of the day.  Ah, I can dream…

Anyway, Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) co-wrote and produced the album.  Here’s the new single:


Desert Island Disc – 1

Here’s today’s topic, brought to us by and The Daily Post.

If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

This is actually a tough one for me, but I guess I gotta go with my gut instinct, right?  I’m going to cheat just a little – my pick here is an anthology. 😉

It is 3 discs worth of music from my favorite artist of all time  (a very close second is Johnette Napolitano – more on her later), and just happens to contain my very favorite song, “Outside the Rain.”

Stevie’s music takes me out of this world, and into exactly the space and time I wish to reside forever.  It takes me to my beloved desert.  Maybe it’s because she was born and raised in Phoenix – and still lives there, in Paradise Valley – but I can feel the desert in her music.  Listen to even just the opening few seconds of “Rock a Little” and tell me it doesn’t evoke a desert red-rock sunset. (obviously, this is not the official video lol)

I guess…yeah, if I had to be stranded on a desert island with only my thoughts, this music would easily serve as my soundtrack.

What’s yours?

The Soundtrack To My Life

Just thought I’d post some vids to a few of my very favorite artists, just to give you readers a little further insight into me & my interests…probably a “real” post coming later.

My FAVORITE song of all time, by my favorite artist, Stevie Nicks.


Sadly, disbanded, but lead singer Johnette Napolitano is still very active.  Love this woman – she’s the reason I became a writer.

She taught me being different is cool.

I’ll post more of these from time to time.  There are MANY, many more.