Untitled Piece

I notice her there, almond against shadow
Her expression waiting for my response
Searching for me, against the dark
Hoping me to be the husband she needs,
In her weak moments

She is changing
I am changing
It is changing us

I have pictures placed secretly in drawers
Her longing to forget that former life
Me torn between the bold and new,
and hanging onto
that former life

I glance on that old face, now odd
Like someone I lost somewhere
In a dream, and woke to someone new,
Yet familiar as a year

She is changing
We have changed
It is changing us

She is there, peering across the muted dusk
Vulnerable and scared of all this
Needing my arms to hold her
more than I
sometimes appreciate

Losing moments in her new name
Losing my temper, finding her fear
Her vulnerability and softness suit her fine
Her forehead suits my lips just fine
This education is free, but with high cost

She has changed
I must change
It has changed us


30 Days – Day 5 – Something I Hope to Do In My Life

If you’re following this blog, you know I’m participating in the ‘30 Days of Truth‘ project I’ve seen on other blogs.  It’s helping me commit to posting every single day, since I’m also taking part in The Daily Post project.

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Man On a Blue World by Alexandra Huber

I want to continually learn and evolve.  Wait, is that too abstract?  Most people would probably say ‘write the a “Great American Novel,” see the world, get rich, find true love, or something else along those lines.  All worthy aspirations, I’m sure.  But maybe, just maybe we can do those things, and/or something so much more, by always striving to learn and open ourselves to new information and experiences.

I want to dream of great things, of a world where dreams are real.  I want to leave a mark, even if it’s only on one person’s heart.  Even if I never even know it.

Even if it never even seems to matter.  Maybe that’s the best thing I can hope to do after all.

But…if I absolutely had to pick something completely non-abstract, just to nail something down…I want to live in the desert, and take photographs, and count the stars, and fill journals-worth of space with words, and dreams, and memories.

What do you want do with in your life?  Write it down anonymously and let it go…leave it somewhere, throw it out, whatever.  Work to make it come true…and maybe someday someone will find what you wrote, and find their own dream.