South Dallas Story – Pt. 2

Pretty good Saturday, I’d say.  So far anyway.  It was 73 degrees and sunny in Dallas, but unfortunately I didn’t get out to enjoy it as much as I’d have liked.  I was going to set off on foot around the neighborhood to get some shots for a photography book I’m working on, but decided the light was too direct at 2:00pm.  I settled on 4:30-ish.  As I went out, though, I caught my photographer neighbor (see a prior post), and we got to talking, as we’re prone to do.  Interesting dude.  We ended up talking for like an hour, until we were interrupted by the wifey peeking out of the blinds (she’d just gotten up from a day of slumber, and we were standing in front of our door) and a woman from our building’s property management company.

But, I did manage to work on some new paintings (almost done), and edit some of the shots I got last weekend.  What the hell – I’ll share one of them below.

I’m really excited about this project.  It’s a coffee table style photography book about Cedars (aka The Cedars), my neighborhood in South Dallas.  I have no ETA on it at all, but hopefully sometime sooner than later.  This year for sure.  Of course, this is in addition to two poetry book projects currently underway.  Ugh, I really need to stop procrastinating on those and get with it.

In total contrast to today’s weather, here’s a time-lapse video of snow (a relative rarity in the Sun Belt-Buckle that is DFW) falling on Cedars Station, our local DART train station.

I do want to get in some rainy shots, maybe some snowy/icy shots if we get anything good this winter, and some sunny shots.  Watch this blog for more as the project moves forward.

My neighbor is a world-class photographer, and does it for a living, so I must admit it’s sort of intimidating.  He’s also in his early 20s (8 years younger than me) so that makes it somewhat even more intimidating.  It’s also inspiring though.  I’ve never claimed to be the best artist, writer, or photographer, but I’m just doing what I love.  I don’t have all the training and latest tips, but I do have the passion, and I think I do a pretty good job.

Okay,  enough blogging (for now) – time to work on more art, and then watch ‘True Grit’ with the wifey.



I slept until 10:50am today, which is virtually unheard of for me.  For some reason, I am really excited – stoked, even – about today.  A day that includes massive cleaning of the loft… Hmm… For one thing, it’s gorgeous outside.  And I’m well-rested.  What a novel concept.  Yesterday I spent a few minutes chatting with one of my neighbors, a very cool dude who’s an internationally renowned photographer and looks an awful lot like a younger bro of Andy Samberg.  Anyway, he invited me to grab a beer today at our neighborhood bar, Lee Harvey’s.

When I first met him, I was a little intimidated because he was so refreshingly nice.  He was just moving some stuff into the studio with his buddy (2 doors down from our place) and when he saw me come out to walk my dog, he put down his stuff, walked over and shook my hand.  Most people in the city tend to be guarded around strangers, even neighbors they don’t yet know.  I’m certainly no exception, given my social awkwardness and introversion.   But, as I said a few lines up, it was refreshing.  Since then, every time we see one another, he makes a point to stop and chit chat, which is pretty cool.  So, if we actually end up going for a beer or two, that should be interesting.


Okay, it’s now after noon, I have errands to run and a cluttered loft to clean before wifey’s club-going guests arrive tonight, so ciao.


So, no meet-up with Mr. Sambergtographer, but exchanged numbers to do it some other time.  Currently on my 3rd Screwdriver and sketching Beth Ditto for a painting I’m working on.  Not the actual Beth Ditto – I should be so lucky.

Snow In Dallas…

…but no accumulation in my neighborhood 😦

Winter has finally fallen upon Dallas, with a winter storm moving in last night.  Rained all day, then heavy snowfall, but here in the inner city, it didn’t stick.  Friends in the ‘burbs are posting pics online of a solid white dusting of snow.  Ah well, I’d still rather live here. 😉

’30 Days of Truth’ post to follow…