New Music Sunday (On Tuesday)

…just because I haven’t done one of these in a while.  There is so much great music coming out or about to come out this summer  (or that’s recently come out).  Enjoy.  Go share new music with other people – always.


Stay Gold

Love this track.  It’s my ringtone, in fact.  It’s by local Dallas rapper Dustin Cavazos (He’s the one on the left in the video still.)

Image (download the ep for free!)

His next album, “In And Out of Sleep” is set to drop this year.  In case you missed it, check out my review for his debut full-length, the impressive, “I Think In the Shower I Dream On My Bike”, here.

Letter to SPIN Magazine, Jan 1994

Wow.  I just randomly found this “on the internet.”  I had completely forgotten about it.  Well, I guess it’s not the sort of thing one (hopefully) clings to on a daily basis.  I wrote a short letter to SPIN Magazine (remember them?) concerning a piece on Nirvana from a previous issue.  Let’s see, I guess I’d have been 15 at the time.  I remember someone from SPIN calling me (!!!) to confirm my information, and informing me my letter had been selected for print in an upcoming issue. 

Now, to a 15 year-old country boy whose only outlets to the larger world were things like SPIN, Rolling Stone, comic books, the local record store, etc. (remember, nobody had internet back then), this was a real thrill – sort of like that time some envelope art I did was selected as an “honorable mention” or something (3rd place, in a Wizard Magazine (RIP) contest to redesign Madman‘s costume, and was printed among the other selections.  All I know is I won a signed Madman #1 for my efforts.  *sigh* I wish I still had my comic book collection.

Anyway, here’s a screen shot, with my little letter highlighted.  And, it was first, I might add.  <smug face>

(click to embiggen)

New Music Sunday – 3/6/11

Each week I share my newest discoveries with you…

The Walkmen – While I Shovel the Snow

Rainbow Arabia – Without You

Gold Panda – Marriage

Star Slinger – Mornin’

Planningtorock – Doorway

Summer Camp – I Want You



Alex Winston – Locomotive

Cat’s Eyes – I Knew It Was Over (Live at the Vatican)

Grace Slick Interviews – On the ’60s, and Her Art

Plum sits down with Grace Slick; singer, songwriter and one of the most influential women artists of the 1960s, to talk about her past and recent paintings.

I wish she’d been able to dose Nixon.  Now that would have been something.  Generally speaking, I’m against drugging people without their knowledge.  Anyway, cool interview.  Watching old Grace Slick (solo) videos and reading about how Jefferson Airplane evolved into Jefferson Starship and eventually Starship.  I started downloading Steely Dan songs and watching vids, and somehow wound up here…

New Music Sunday! 2/20/11

New music & vids you need to know about.

Toro Y Moi – New Beat

R.E.M. – Oh My Heart (official lyrics vid)

My Brightest Diamond – We Added It Up (Live in Studio 360)

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

Download Moby’s ‘Be The One’ EP – FREE

from Stereogum

In anticipation of the 5/17 release of his new album Destroyed (and an accompanying photo book of the same name), Moby’s upped the free Be The One EP to his website. In a post about its three tracks he wrote: “‘be the one’ was in the paul haggis movie ‘the next 3 days,’ ’sevastopol’ is an interesting city in the ukraine, and ‘victoria lucas’ was sylvia plath’s pseudonym.” No mention of Robbi. Download it at