Nothing Could Be Finer, Than An Intelligent Designer

Christian Modernity FAIL/Mess o’ the Day, reblogged from Camels with Hammers:

A couple Christian kids with a nauseating, badly performed anti-atheist song set to “My Humps” (via Greg Laden, whose categorizations of the video say it all about the video’s contents):

And then there’s “Don’t Cha Wish Your Savior Was Right Like Mine”:

“Don’t you wish your daddy could turn water to wine?”  Um…creeeeeeeepy.

Who are these sangin’ lil devils, you may wonder?  According to the handy YouTube video description, none other than “Manka Faith rising star recording artists ‘Tween Jesus & Me” (bold and italics added by me)

Sorry, sorry…I should really be more nice, nice…

Okay, in all truth, these are actually “comedy” or “satire” videos, according to the YouTube video categories.  “LOLZ”  Don’t believe it can be true????!!!!1  Head on over to for the proof.  However, the original blog that posted these added tags that almost make it worth them being real:

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Things Could Always Be Worse

In the midst of my somewhat stressful workdays, and everything else that comes along with grown-up life, I would like to simply take a moment to remind myself (and maybe others) that the things we put importance on may, in fact, not be actual “problems,” and that all said and done, we probably have it pretty damned good.

I apologize if some of these images offend; they are meant to provoke thought, to shake out of the mundane trappings of stupid, superficial “life.”  Remember why today was good for you, if it was.

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Atheist ‘Demotivational Posters’

You’ve no doubt seen such ‘demotivational posters’ covering a variety of topics on the internetz.  Here are a few of my favorites covering the topic of non-theism.  Some are hilarious, others thought-provoking.  Enjoy, kids.

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*Bonus – spot the non-atheism/religion image, just thrown in for pure hilarity!

Pushing Religious Buttons

…however unintentionally

I posted on Facebook (via that I was currently reading Bart Ehrman’s ‘God’s Problem’ to which a friend commented “dislike.”  Amost immediately, mind you.  I wondered if he responded this way out of distaste for the title.  To my knowledge, he’s not an unbeliever, but he’s never shown himself to be overtly faithful, either.  And I seriously doubt he’d even had time to remotely explore what the book is about.  It’s a somewhat provactive title, but could just as easily been written by a theologian in defense of Christianity, etc.

My subsequent thinking on the matter led me here.  The funny part about it is this: the person who left the comment happens to be of two different societal groups to which much derision and intolerance has been heaped.  I find it most puzzling, if fascinating, how even the oppressed can oppress others with impunity.

I have respect for this individual, so I didn’t really pursue the matter much.  I see scores of religious posts on Facebook – ranging from “please pray for…” requests for people going through difficulties, to overt messages such as the oft-posted “Will you repost this and stand up for Jesus, or be afraid and just delete it?” And yet, I say nothing.  I generally hold a certain level of respect for these people; otherwise I wouldn’t have them on my friends list.  And while I’m all for healthy debate, it is rare that I find someone who would actually wish to intelligently debate such topics, rather than simply emotionally browbeat in defense of their position.

Also, be sure to check out this interesting new article from Sam Harris.

Exposing Myself to Strangers On the Bus

Sorry for the overtly provocative title – I couldn’t help myself.  😉 It’s honestly the first thing that came to mind earlier this week on the last stretch of my morning commute.

In addition to the briefcase containing my work laptop, etc., I carry an extra canvas tote with a couple of books, magazines and periodicals, etc.  I have a decent-length commute, so I like to have ample reading material on hand.  Well, I just happen to have been carrying a couple of print copies of The Atheist Voice, the newsletter published by the Metroplex Atheists.

Just enough of the newsletter was sticking up in the bag for the title to be clearly visible.  Little did I know, I had a copy wedged into opposite sides of the bag’s interior, so the same was true no matter which way the bag was turned.  I was busy reading a newspaper (disclosure: it was a copy of Freethought Today, published by FFRF).  I happened to notice the exposed newsletter, and while I hadn’t deliberately placed the papers that way, I suspected a couple of held glances at my bag.  I let my eyes skip up from my reading, just to try and catch someone looking, and watch for their reaction, if there was any.

Well, not quite.  I’m not even 100% sure anyone really noticed it, but I had the very distinct feeling a man did, then later a woman (who also works in my office, it turns out) did.  There really was no discernible reaction, but it felt like an odd little rush.  It reminded me of when I used to ride the train or bus and read my copy of ‘The Lucifer Principle‘ by Howard K. Bloom.  It actually has nothing to do with the “Lucifer” of Christian mythology, but I always chuckled a bit on the inside wondering if the other commuters were intrigued, scandalized, or otherwise.  What can I say, I guess I enjoy a wee bit of high dudgeon – given or received – from time to time.

I have no shame in my position or loss of faith.  (Tangent alert!) It doesn’t feel quite right to even say ‘loss of faith’ since I never really had much to begin with.  But, I digress.  I have no shame about what I feel and believe (and thus, don’t believe), but I’m still getting past the stigma the word ‘atheist’ has attached to it  (see my “Coming Out” post).

This oh-so-mild form of exposure to outsiders and strangers felt a tad bit taboo, forbidden, and yet… exhilarating, and right.  It felt good to let go of some societal baggage, and to let others know that we’re out here.  I wondered what the woman who works in my office thought.  I don’t really know her, but we share a walk from the bus into the office each morning in the pre-dawn dark, and we’ve made the usual forced small talk.  I wondered if she might think I’m a nice guy, and what (if anything) this new revelation might do to that impression, if it exists at all.

Since then, I’ve been somewhat shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out several friends and acquaintances are non-believers of some ilk.  My, my, we are indeed out here, aren’t we?

Click to visit ‘The Out Campaign’

Don’t Worry Pigeons, It Gets Better

Just in case you missed it, here’s a video of right-wing religious whack-job Cindy Jacobs actually blaming the “falling birds epidemic” on the repeat of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT).

Yes, you read that right.  To quote a friend’s recent Facebook comment to a similarly idiotic video, “I don’t even have to go looking for proof of the insanity of religion, it just finds me. Hopefully it doesn’t shoot me in the fucking head one day.”

Christmas for Non-Theists

Well, another Christmas has come & gone.  I hope it was a great one for everybody!  This year’s wasn’t too different from most – the usual decorations, squeezing in Christmas movies and activities, exchanging gifts, eatingeatingEATING, etc.  But, I guess you could say this was my first as an Official Unbeliever™.

Not that I’ve ever really celebrated the holiday as the birth of Jesus, Lord & Savior™ or anything.  Sure, (H)e was thrown in there a time or two each year growing up, but it’s always been about Santa, presents, food, warmth, etc.  And as an adult, to me, Christmas/Xmas/Happy Holiday-time is this:

A time to draw near to those I love, remind them just how much I care for them and why, cook special holiday treats and meals, decorate, fill the air with sights, sounds, and smells of the season, and exchange gifts with my significant other.  Honestly, on the gift front, for us it’s really a big excuse to splurge on ourselves in ways we probably wouldn’t at any other time of year.

I had an interesting exchange online with an acquaintance yesterday.  This individual posted how they hate when people say “Xmas” instead of Christmas, and how it “X’s God out of the real reason for the Holiday,” etc.  And, just to sweeten the pot, this person added something like, “If you don’t believe in God, then I feel sorry for you, you must have a miserable life.”

I like to think I’m a tolerant man, to a point…meaning I generally brush off the nonsensical ramblings of others.  But, it really irks me when people just fall blindly in line.  I will not put this person on blast about their business – not that I know all that much of it firsthand – but suffice it to say: don’t be a hypocrite.  People will do the shadiest mess, but “don’t take Jeezus out of CHRISTmas!!!”  I just had to respond.  And so I did…there was a brief exchange, which petered out right about the time I pointed out that Christmas isn’t even really a Christian holiday (see this link for more on this).

I believe that a large number of people celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, and it’s even a divisive issue among Atheists as to whether or not it’s “acceptable” to celebrate the holiday because of its ties to religion.

I celebrate my way, belief or no belief.  And I think everyone else should too.  Hell, I think Easter is way more a traditionally Christian holiday, but for me it’s always been about the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs, and putting plastic green “grass” in Technicolor baskets.  I don’t observe that day with any greater significance than I observe Presidents Day.  The aforementioned individual even opined that “people who don’t believe in God shouldn’t celebrate Christmas” as it’s “not a secular holiday!”  Um…thanks for setting the rules, Christmas Commander.

I think I’d rather do the thinking on my own.  It just reminded me of how “Christians” spout off that anyone without a belief in their god is uneducated, delusional, and immoral, when in reality most people who turn away from religion do so only after many years of sincere searching and seeking, and only after one (or many) religious/spiritual paths fail to answer their questions and to provide a sense of completeness.

Get ready, kids, here comes the moral of the story:


I will leave you with this:

and this: