Draw A Map to Get Lost

Amazing night – which was good, because today was overall rather boring.  I had an appointment to meet a local artist, the awesome Patricia Rodriguez, at South Side on Lamar for an event called UNDERGROUND – hosted by ArtLoveMagic.  I biked it the few blocks to the event, around 8:45pm.  Wow, what an extravaganza!

The gallery and floor below were teeming with people, and art was everywhere the eye could turn.  Live music filled the cavernous space, and I was in love.  I want to try & be in the event next year.  Over 50 local artists (many of them up-and-coming or “unknown”) displaying their work, and creating new work live!  Live bands all night, body painting, alcohol, and magic.  Great time.  I was only able to stay about 45 minutes, since I was there to pick up the wife’s VD gift.

I’ll preface with this:  The wife loves Yoko Ono.  She owns a first edition copy of Ono’s seminal book of conceptual art “instructions,” titled Grapefruit.

I ordered a custom Yoko/Grapefruit inspired wooden keepsake box from Ms. Rodriguez – she paints these tea/jewelry/keepsake boxes by hand, embellishes them with extras, etc.  They’re really great.  The wife LOVED it!  (Yes, I gave it to her early – neither of us could wait)  Here are some pics:

I selected some passages from Grapefruit, and requested they be put on the box.  In case the pictures make it hard to read, the passage on top reads:

buy many dream boxes
ask your wife to select one
dream together

On the front it reads:  draw a map to get lost


Piece For Wind I

(inspired by my current read, ‘Grapefruit‘ by Yoko Ono)

Take a bag of woven cloth, or plastic
Whisper your secrets into the bag
Go outside, wherever there is wind
Open the bag and let the secrets fly to the wind
Forget them all

2011 winter

Yoko Ono – Blood Piece

Blood Orange by Amy Breen

Blood Piece

Use your blood to paint.
Keep painting until you faint. (a)
Keep painting until you die. (b)

1960 spring

(from Yoko Ono’s landmark work, Grapefruit.)